with Gopal
26 - 31 July 2022

Margot Anand, the founder of SKYDANCING TANTRA is coming to Portugal for the first time!

Margot Anand, a pioneer in the field of Tantra, author of many best-selling books, and renowned teacher is coming to Awakeland this summer to share her unique knowledge and perspective on Tantra and Spirituality. 

She is an expert on the sacred and sensual and has spent her life teaching others how to achieve their highest potential by harmonising their bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits in connection with their partners. In her latest book, Love, Sex, and Awakening, Margot shares ancient secrets from the Tantric tradition combined with adventurous episodes of her life.

In this retreat, we will explore how the mystical dimensions of spiritual empowerment open the door to Sacred Love, whether you’re in an intimate relationship with someone or simply with yourself.


There will be partner work (singles will meet partners in the seminar), bodywork, sharing, special Satsang with Margot, Meditation, Tantric techniques, and much more.

Margot will perform a special ceremony, the SkyDancing Empowerment, transmitted to the first SkyDancer, Yeshe Tsogyal, in 8th century Tibet!

This intensive retreat offers time for personal practice, as well as an opportunity to explore your relationship with your partner through sacred sensuality. Margot will teach you techniques that heighten pleasure and deepen your relationships through physical intimacy.

Nobody will be induced or forced beyond their conscious consent into any practices.

This intensive retreat is for those who want to live a fully embodied life of sacred blissfulness, fulfilment, and unconditional Love. 

Discover ancient Tantric secrets that will bring you closer to your partner, awaken your Inner Lover, and experience a new level of awareness in lovemaking. 

Embody a deeper connection with yourself, your partner, surrounded by beautiful nature, in the delightful Algarve in Portugal. In addition to morning and afternoon sessions dedicated to enjoying optimal ecstatic experiences, you will have a rich schedule of early morning meditations and temple nights, where you will expand and integrate the teachings of the day.


This multi-disciplinary program, featuring Margot’s signature practices, will lead you to build a deeper connection, more Love, richer intimacy, better relationships, and blissful access to dimensions of consciousness that are natural to every human being.

With practice, you’ll be able to be present, loving, and lovable in each moment, in the space of sincere spiritual growth and personal development, consciously dissolving all those barriers within yourself that keep you from living life with joy, passion, and freedom.

SkyDancing is a path to freedom within yourself and your relationship!

SkyDancing Tantra is a profound, passionate journey of Love.

And Love is all there is! 


Gopal, SkyDancing Tantra teacher, and a fantastic team of assistants will have the pleasure to support Margot, creating a dynamic, inclusive, elegant, and joyful space for all the participants.

This retreat welcomes all genders, couples, and singles.
You can participate even with very little experience of Tantra, if you come with an open heart, ready to jump into your blissful nature.

Start: July 26th -  after lunch, around 2/3pm

End: 31st - after lunch, 2pm


10 Early bird starting at €750 +  food & accommodation package

ACCOMMODATION PACKAGES - see details below 

Bed in Triple room or Twin bell tents

5 nights = €350 + Early Bird retreat ticket €750 = €1100 per person

1 place in double room - book with partner or friend - SOLD OUT

5 nights = €425 + Early Bird retreat ticket  €750 = €1175 per person (€2350 for 2)


Single Glamping (only 2 available - by email only)

5 nights  = €575 + Early Bird retreat ticket  €750 = €1325 per person


5 nights = €300 + Early Bird retreat ticket  €750 = €1050 per person

€50 Discount for Portuguese residents - use code 'PT-res' and enter your residency or ID number.

Or call us +351 910 663 336





This will be a unique chance to meet the woman, who was invited by Osho, to teach the first Tantra Groups at his Ashram in Poona, India in the late ’70s.

Margot Anand is an internationally acclaimed authority on Neo-Tantra. She has done a lot to reveal the esoteric Teachings of ancient Tantra to the western world.

She is the much-beloved Founder and Teacher of the SkyDancing Tantra ® method, and the author of popular books and best-sellers such as The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, The Art of Sexual Magic, The Art of Everyday Ecstasy, and Sexual Ecstasy: The Art of Orgasm.

A native of France, Margot received her degree from Sorbonne University in Paris and has spent decades studying with many of the world’s prominent masters of Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, including the great mystic Osho in India. 

Margot has also extensive training in Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetics, massage, meditation, Arica, and Integral Yoga. Margot’s teaching style is a rare synthesis of French humour, American pragmatism and Indian mysticism. She is particularly appreciated for her ability to bring healing, lightness, fun and passion to her workshops.

Over the past three decades, Margot developed and taught the Love and Ecstasy Training (LET), a powerful and proven method for healing and enhancing our love life as well as our love of life, and for cultivating meditation. 

Margot is the founder of several SkyDancing Institutes worldwide. SkyDancing Tantra represents the synthesis of Margot’s work and has been taught to over one hundred thousand people in dozens of countries.

Margot has trained and certified a select group of couples and individuals as SkyDancing Tantra Teachers. A directory of those Teachers is available on this website.

Margot lives in Bali and continues to teach and travel the world on her lifelong mission to spread Tantra in the West. In particular, she leads the final cycle of the LET in Montpellier (South of France).



Born in Italy, he started researching Indian philosophy, spirituality, and meditation in his early years. 

Graduated in Shiatsu and Osho Divine Healing Arts and Meditation with Prashantam in Portugal started working on the connection and the interaction between the Mind and the Body.

After a personal intensive meditation practice, he works as a facilitator at Osho Studio in Berlin, leading regular classes and workshops. The city inspires him to create Dynamic Tantra, a playful, soulful way to practice Tantra in the urban jungle.

After attending a seven-year Training at SkyDancing Tantra Institute in France with Margot Anand, he became a certified SkyDancing Tantra teacher.

Gopal is active in many different creative areas as a musician, promoter, DJ, teacher, and facilitator, constantly experimenting and combining the 3 Tantric Keys, Breath, Movement, and Sound with innovative meditation techniques.

Working and living in Berlin, Gopal facilitates training and workshops worldwide.


Choose your accommodation option & book!

Aµwake Dance Celebration triple room

Triple Room

Eco upcycled marine containers converted into rooms. All have bedding and a shower towel per person. Shared bathroom. Please bring your own swimming towel

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Early bird price €1100 per person
Food/Bed for 5 nights = €350 + Early Bird retreat ticket €750 = €1100 

glamping Awake Dance Celebration


Camp in style in one of our Bell Tents or Tipis.

Bell tents have 2 single beds in each and Tipis have a double bed. Shared bathroom. All glamping tents have proper beds, bedding and a shower towel per person.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Early bird price €1100 per personFood/Bed for 5 nights = €350 + Early Bird retreat ticket €750 = €1100 

room Awake Dance Celebration

Double Room

Eco upcycled marine containers converted into rooms. All have bedding and a shower towel per person and a air con. Shared bathroom. This option is best for 2 people booking together.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Early bird price €1175 per person
Food/Bed for 5 nights = €425 + Early Bird retreat ticket  €750 = €1175 x 2 people  = €2350

Sold out, but there are still twin bell tents available for couples 



Nomad House

1 bed in dorm sharing with up to 10 people, sharing showers, compost toilet, kitchen

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Early bird price €1050 per person

Food/Bed for 5 nights = €300 + Early Bird retreat ticket €750 = €1050

Limited Single Glamping options available

Email for more info


3 delicious meals freshly prepared just for you every day!

Awake Dance Celebration food


When we go deep, we need to replensih our bodily temples. The Awakeland kitchen angels will take care of all your nutritional needs by freshly preparing 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Meals are served buffet style on the terrace of the main house, overlooking the valley.

No need to be concerned about anything else other than your own journey!