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Awakeland wisdom tree


So much love

So much connection

Just being grounded

So many similarities between people

Loved it last year

Loved it this year


~ JOÃO, Portugal

You guys are awesome! Thank you for the amazing hospitality, amazing food and catering to our dietary needs, your love, support and care!

Wonderful land, wonderful connection.

Place for transformation through love and union

Thank you so much
~ AS, Germany

Thank you Awakeland people for all you do.

The land is beautiful and you are all too!


~ JAN, Netherlands

Thank you for taking care of us. Thank you for the delicious food to sustain us, thank you for keeping the place clean. Thank you for your friendly smiling faces. Thank for you taking care of the beautiful piece of earth for all of us to enjoy, Love


A calm place to discover yourself and to enjoy the wonder of just being while helping to develop an interesting restoration project.

~ SOPHIA, Brazil

Awakeland is a gorgeous land filled with life of earth, deep connection and a perfect nighttime sky. Beds are comfortable and food is yummy. Thank you Awakeland for a beautiful time



I have just gone through a ceremonial dimension with a deep self realisation. A tantric festival based on a Darvish (sufi) area is extremely powerful. Thank you for a transformative experience.

 ~ O, Germany

LOVED IT!!! SHARING IT!! Amazing generosity!! With lots of gratitude, thank you! 

Love to All

~ CRISTINA, Portugal 

Awesome, such a nice, powerful experience

Love & Light

~ MARTINA, Poland

Woke with beautiful people, my soul lovers
~ ANA, Portugal

Being in Awakeland Portugal was about reconnecting with the earth, the elements and all the living beings that we shared the space with during our time there. The respect that is practiced there for all that is, and all we can enjoy elevates even more the responsibility to take care of all things with gratitude, which we come to feel when faced with the godsend that are the little things in day to day life.


Seeing the before and after effects of the 2016 forest fire makes all these feelings more intense, understanding just how much I can influence the environment around me, for better or for worse. Warm wishes to all the team that makes so much happen and seem so effortless, and turns Awakeland Portugal into a true second home the second I arrive.


ZÉ, Portugal

"The land pulls you in, close and receives you in her warm arms
The open sky invites you to let go and open up to the expansiveness of nature
The energy at Awakeland Portugal holds you in love, inspires joy, growth and a coming back to yourself
The people of Awakeland Portugal... 

- Thank you for making it possible to go beyond my own limitations and truly be the one, I AM!"



 “Even though it’s the norm to say “everything was spectacular”, the fact is that it really is that way, from the moment you arrive, the people there, the way they recieve you makes you feel as if you’ve arrived home.


The care that this land was prepared with, it can only bring us good stuff! All that happened during the time I was there, the great accommodation, excellent food (did I say excellent?!)...the anual itinerary of activities and groups gives an immense diversity in opportunities for personal growth. There is really no reason to not go there, however there are very very many to go there.


My message is: What are you waiting for? Awake yourself!”



"I have visited Awakeland Portugal! I have visited this beautiful land when it was just a possible project, then came back several times during the setting up basic ground, and then after the fire, when new trees were starting to be planted… Different moments in this creation, and different colors through the seasons… The same beauty in the simplicity of the landscape, in the clarity of the skies, in the silence of the forest, and the intention of this creation.

Yes, a place to feel how life can be made of small gestures, looking at the flowers in the spring time, feeling the warmth of the sun in the summer, eating fresh veggies from the garden, enjoying the pond for a refreshing dive at the end of the day, and expanding into deep rest at sunset… I have enjoyed many nights sleeping outdoors, just comfortable with a nice blanket in a cosy bed, waking up throughout the night to look at the stars…

Glad to be part of this growing project, as a friend, facilitator of programs, pioneering in the vision of a space where we can enjoy being with each other sharing care for the earth, love for each other, creative intelligence taking form in different ways, waking up to simply be present with each day, in nature, connecting and Awakening to our inner nature...

Looking forward to go back!"



“A magical place, now reborn from the ashes, with great guardians. I felt completely at home.”


PEDRO, Brazil

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