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18-21 July 2019

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Movimento é magia, e o Awake Dance Celebration é a oportunidade para nos exprimirmos através da dança.


Dançar liberta emoções e bloqueios. Meditamos, tornamo-nos conscientes do nosso corpo, divertimo-nos e a alegria pulsa através de nós. Oferece a ti mesmo o presente da dança. Durante quatro dias iremos vivênciar diferentes tipos de movimento, desde Ecstatic até dança Africana, como também Trance, Biodanza e 5 Ritmos. Nesta celebração podemos cantar, meditar, brincar... mas todos partilhamos a mesma paixão: DANÇA. A celebração é no Awakeland Portugal, Terra Velha, Serra de Monchique, Algarve.


O Awake Dance Celebration não é apenas mais um festival de verão... é também o lugar onde vais encontrar terapias alternativas, meditações,círculos de partilha, deliciosa alimentação vegetariana, e claro, contacto com a natureza. A tua viagem será facilitada por professores experientes, com um profundo conhecimento da sua arte e da natureza humana.


Este ano temos a honra de ter três Puna 1 sannyasins a facilitar Meditações Activas Osho! Há várias formas de participar, o que torna este evento muito acessível. Estes quatro dias prometem revitalizar o teu mundo interno e externo.


Movement is medicine, and Awake Dance Celebration is an occasion to reveal ourselves through dance.

Dancing releases emotions and blockages. We meditate, become aware of our body, have fun and joy pulsate through us. Give yourself the gift of dancing. For four days we will experience different types of movement, from Ecstatic to African, as well as  Trance, Biodanza and 5 rythms. At this celebration we can sing, meditate, play, relax ... but we all share the same passion: DANCE.
The celebration is in the locality of Awakeland Portugal, Terra Velha, Serra de Monchique, Algarve.


Awake Dance Celebration is not just another summer gathering ... it is a place where you will also find alternative therapies, meditations, sharing circles, vegetarian meals of high quality and of course, contact with nature. Your journey will be facilitated by experienced teachers who have a deep knowledge of their art and of human nature.

This year we are honoured to have 3 Puna 1 sannyasins offering Active Osho Meditations!

There are several ways to participate, which makes this event very accessible.
These are four days that promise to revitalize your exterior and interior world.


* 5 Rhythms - Rui + Sabine 

* Ecstatic Dance - Rute + Virgilio

* Biodanza - Cristiano

* Trance Dance - Luísa

* Somatic Dance - Geeta

* Open Floor - Simon

* African Dance - Arantxa

* Medicine Dance Ceremony - Shamim

* Tantra Dance - Ashik

* Tribal Meditation - Harida

* Osho Active Meditation - Nartan, Chandresh

* Yoga - Delia 


Read more about the facilitators

(The prices shown are per person for 3 nights, 4 days and include 3 delicious meals a day and all workshops)

€295 - Camping

€310 - 1 place in the Dome Dormitory

€370 - 1 bed in a Triple room
€370 - 1 bed in a Twin Bell tent

€460 - 1 bed in a Double room

Please note!

3% booking fee applies when booking online

**Portugal Resident discount available **

Camper vans will be charged €10 for the duration of the event
Car parking tickets are €5 for the duration of the event due to limited space. Please try lift sharing as much as possible. 
https://www.blablacar.com/ is great to find/share lifts 

email dance@awakeland.pt




Camp in style in one of our Bell Tents or Tipis.

Bell tents have 2 single beds in each and Tipis have a double bed.

All glamping tents have proper beds, bedding and a shower towel.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Investment per person:
€370 - 1 bed in a Twin Bell tent

Triple Room

Eco upcycled marine containers converted into rooms. All have bedding and a shower towel per person and a fan.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Investment per person:

€370 - 1 bed in a Triple room


Bring your own camping equipment and create your own space in our Yoni village, or amongst the trees.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Investment per person:


Dome Dormitory 

Shared accommodation in our Water side Dome. This option is perfect for those on a budget but not wishing to bring their own camping equipment, you will need to bring your own bedding and towel though!

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Investment per person: SOLD OUT

€310 - 1 place in the Dome Dormitory

Double Room

Eco upcycled marine containers converted into rooms. All have bedding and a shower towel per person and a fan. This option is for 2 people booking together.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Investment per person:

€460 - 1 bed in a Double room - only available when booking for 2 people

Camper Van / RV

You're most welcome to bring your own home on wheels, but space is limited. The price is the same as camping + €10 for the parking space.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Investment per person:

€295 + €10 per van



A seed released to the earth in the fertile spring of 1979 in Freiburg im Braisgau, Germany whose roots later on extended and whose flowers bloomed open in Oporto, Portugal.I am a Biodanza (Rolando Toro System) Facilitator, certified by the Biodanza SRT School of Oporto, Portugal and also a Didactic of the same System.
In the last few years I have dedicated myself to the creation of diverse Signature workshops such as: Roots in the Earth, Roots in Heaven; Chaos, Creativity and the Return of the Sacred; The Birth of the Cosmic Man; Under the Sign of Affection; Surrender to Love; Sacred Warrior; Ecstatic Lover; Mystic Magician; The King; Equinox and Solstice Celebrations in Nature.

I am part of the teaching staff at the Institute of Applied Psychology in the postgraduate course “Human Development and Therapy through Expressive arts” 
 and also collaborate with the Portuguese School of Biodanza in the accompaniment and supervision of students.

After graduating in clinical pyscho-pedagogy, I trained in Gestalt therapy; these tools permitted me to work during some years in the field of behavioural deviations such as drug addictions, prostitution and also the homeless. Simultaneously, I attended different theatrical and dance workshops.  I have facilitated skills development groups through Transactional Analysis; Relaxation groups; Dramatic Expression groups (children and adults). I have been at the service of the “Teléfono Internacional de la Esperanza” and worked during few years as a teacher of pedagogy in a project to train educational providers.


Born in London and lived in Spain from 16 years old, she has come to grow roots in Portugal. It was the link to African culture, the music and dance that thrives in Lisbon that called Arantxa to stay. In 2001 she discovered African Dance with Petchu and trained to become a dancer/choreographer with Marc N’Dnou from the Republic of Togo, with whom she danced until 2006, and who left a significant imprint on her dance style.

She has performed onstage in West Africa (Burkina Faso, Togo and Ghana), where she participated in the Woenyo Company of Lomé. She was a choreographer and dancer in the Rhythms of Guinea Bissau group-Djamboonda, directed by Gueladjo Sané, representative of Afro-Mandiga percussion in Portugal. In 2006 after completing a course of Dance and Communication in the Dance Forum of Lisbon, a curiosity to look for other contemporary strands of African Dance was born.

In her training of African Dance and afro-contemporary dance, she worked with Patrick Acogny, Director of L'École des Sables (Senegal), Annie N’ganou (Cameroon), Abdoulaye Camará and Moustapha Bangoura of Guinea.

Last year she completed her continued training in dance; Investigation of movement through West African dance oriented by Cristina Rosa in the Carmen Senra School of Dance-Madrid, and also completed the intensive course of Vocab Dance with Alessandra

Seutin in the Superior Dance School-The Place in London. She also had the opportunity to learn with other great teachers such as Merlin Nyakam of Cameroon, Georges Momboye of Ivory Coast, Irineu Nogueira of ABIEIÊ and Daudet Grazie of Cirque du Soleil. She was invited to share her dance and voice in the following projects: AL TEO BU by Madalena Vitorino and Pedro Salvador, Djamboonda, The Cristina Rosa Dance Company, Yemadas and Terrakota.

Currently, Arantxa lives in the Algarve where she gives regular classes and workshops, where she has been invited to orchestrate a performance of dance and nature by the phenomenal Portuguese choreographer Madalena Victorino.


Sabine De Clerck & Rui Gomes are both certified 5Rhythms facilitators certified by Gabrielle Roth. They teach the 5Rhythms in Portugal and in France since 2008. 
It's with generosity that Rui lives his mission of sharing his passion for the 5Rhythms !

The alchemical expression of his approach is between sensitivity and intensity, and manifests through some sort of poetical meaning when presented together with the peculiar musical selections of his Waves. 
Intuitive and discrete, Sabine's presence inspires sensitive and transformative movement in her dances. 

Her fascination for art and sacred spaces co-creation, is celebrated through the magic exhale of her proposals. 

As 5Rhythms facilitator and Family Constellations Coach, she accompanies people that are walking their path to meet the full expression of their truth. 


In her life and her work, she is passionate by the human being and the connection and integration of worlds. Inner world and outer world, non-linear and linear, feminine and masculine, unconscious and conscious, right brain and left brain, invisible and visible, etc. She studied mathematics, art-therapy, storytelling, ritual trance dance and other techniques and disciplines. She is a continuous studious of the subjects of her passion and work. Her work develops by the exploration and integration of linear and non-linear realities, through creativity, movement and expression. She also works with children with Uho, Marionettes Theater, Stories with Nature Inside.

Luisa is a Trance Dance Facilitator since 2006. From 2012 to 2018,  she apprenticed and assisted Wilbert Alix, founder of Trance Dance International, in the Trance Dance Facilitators Training & Trance Dance International workshops.



Nartan is born in 1956 in Germany. At an early age she got interested in meditation and her personal growth, leading her to India and the teachings of Osho.

She lived for several years in Osho communities in India and Germany, where she also learned to guide Osho Meditations, Rebalancing, Massage, Tibetan Pulsing, always interested in healing techniques through touch, dance and movement, connecting to the soul through our physical well being.

In 1999 she moved to Portugal with her partner Harida and together they created a beautiful space Pomar da Serra in Alentejo, for music and meditation. Since 2006 they hold regular meditation retreats and since 2010 the yearly Osho Festival of Music and Meditation, a gathering of old and new friends in music and in silence.


Harida, born in 1949, in Chile, studied classical drums and percussion at the conservatory in Santiago and Rome , before cocreating one of the principal avant-garde and Latin Fusion projects of the seventies in Spain, Mirasol Colores.

Intrigued with Eastern mythology and music, he traveled to India in 1977, spending several years there, devoted to meditation and the study of Indian music, learning to play santoor and tabla.

Living in Osho's community in Poona and playing music during the meditations in His presence shifted his perception and style of music, powerful rhythms carrying a silence within the sounds, music as a tool to connect with the inner being, to promote healing and presence, living in this moment.

His love for music and the joy of connecting through rhythm with others is guiding his work for the past 40 years, in 1995 he co-founded Nazca Music in Holland, and recorded more than 30 albums through this label, his own as well as other artists. In 1999 he moved to Portugal, where he is involved in recordings, performances and the organisation of meditation retreats and the yearly Osho Festival of Music and Meditation at his place Pomar da Serra in Alentejo.


In love with Dance since always, she met the Oriental Dance in 2003 and since then she has organised and developed a whole work of personal growth through Dance and Conscious Movement. She is a Performer and Creative in different areas of Dance solo and in group. She integrates Meditation, Shamanism and Therapeutic practices towards the return of the Human Being to its unlimited potential. She is also certified as Soul Hunting Healer and Sweat Lodge Keeper, both shamanic ancestral practices.

Click here to read about the Medicine Dance Ceremony

Learn more about Shamim


Rute has been producing Ecstatic Dance Lisboa since 2012. Since 2008 she entered the great journey of discovery and personal growth in a consistent way. And since then, has had several experiences with dance, meditation, shamanism and community sharing. From all of them emerges a common language: MUSIC, it is that which unites us like no other element.


Virgílio Beatriz is a facilitator of Retreats and Workshops in human development area and an enthusiast for self discovery.

Since 2009, it has facilitated more than 80 Retreats / workshops in human development area in Portugal, for about 2000 people.

In his path of self discovery he realized that the use of the body is a great tool for meditation and for achieving inner peace.

Since then the conscious dance and the use of the voice as tools for a big connection are part of his proposals.

He is Space Holder/ Dj/ Dancer in Ecstatic Dance Lisbon and Arrábida

Facilitator of “Voice Awakening” and voice concerts

Facilitator of “Sufi Trance Sessions”


Links: https://www.facebook.com/virgilio.beatriz


Geeta had found in movement and nature her path to living a healthy and resourced life. Movement as a source of life and a door to consciousness and presence. Nature as a great teacher and endless source of inspiration. She is trained in Life Moves by Navanita Harris and is a certified Forest Therapy guide and mentor by the Nature and Forest Therapy Association.


Ashik is on the path of the unity in service of Sacred Sexuality.  His meditation practice focuses on the body, it reveals the holiness of everything. He has worked from Primal to Shamanism, Holistic Massage to Emotional Expression, Bioenergetics to Sufism. 

He is a Sannyasin deeply touched by Osho’s Active Meditations and Tantra practice. He is a certified therapist in Tantra, Yoga, Learning Love and Breathwork. 

He is the founder and lives at Awakeland Portugal.

Ashik loves to learn and to teach, and above all to experience. He leads Tantra trainings and seminars around the world. He believes that the great shift is to stop trying to change and accept what is, in sync with Mother Earth and Heart acceptance. 

Ashik’s joy is expressed through gratitude and celebration of life.


I seem to have been born a “seeker”. To be honest I still am. 

Discovering dance some years ago made me realise what a wonderful awareness it gave me on my journey through life. I began dancing 5 Rhythms on a regular basis, exploring conscious movement and reading Osho books. I attended  the workshops of  Krish and Amana of the Learning Love Institute and followed their training to be a teacher of their work. After Gabrielle Roth died I started to attend  Open Floor movement practices which really added the missing  dimension  I needed to bring into flower all the work I had done with meditation, personal development and coaching. My other practices also became more alive. As a serious rock climber and mountaineer I now found I had more balance and fluidity in my movement. Dance was working in all areas of my life. I decided to become an Open Floor teacher so I could pass on the richness, fun and lightness  I had now found through dancing.  Today I teach an Essential Awareness Practice which is to be Open … Loose…Natural and Flowing. I am also a facilitator for the Learning Love Institute. I have lived on eight countries and am multi culturally orientated. A year ago I moved to southern Portugal with my partner and we are enjoying life here and meeting and dancing with lots of different people. Today I give Open Floor classes in Finland where I lived for two years and I also teach in France and Switzerland. 



Delia has been on the path of self-discovery from an early age, diving into the depths of Eastern philosophies, including Buddhism, Tantra, Yoga and Ayurveda. She took her first yoga asana class in 1999, at a Sivananda yoga school in South Africa. The effect it had was profound, like nothing she had ever experienced. She felt spacious, elated, in love and blissful. Never having been drawn to yoga for the physical benefits, she was always attracted to the spiritual aspect, and after her first class, she knew that connection to something greater than herself could be found through the body. As some say… “Your body is the doorway to your spiritual awakening”


The practice of Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda continues to transform Delia’s perception of life. Intrigued at how these paths help to improve your relationship with your body and how this affects your relationship with the world around you, she continues to dive deep into these practises and finds great joy in sharing them with those around her.




Avibhasha, from Portugal, is formally trained in Pharmaceutical Science. Since the beginning she began questioning what exactly conventional medicine did to her and the people she saw in the pharmcy. There was something beyond physical pain, dis-ease, dis-comfort, limitation... and it was in search of this that she began her journey of self.

She embarked upon her inner (and often outer) journey, which brought her to various therapists and put her in contact with people who, like her, were walking the path of self-discovery. She experimented meditation and quickly “adopted for life” Osho’s Active Meditations.

She was introduced to Awakeland Portugal project on one of her travels to Brazil, she fell in love and swiftly made herself available to support and collaborate with the team. She worked there during 2 years as Event Coordinator and now is Ayurvedic therapist and also facilitate some sessions of Osho Active Meditations.

During the massage she cares your body, mind and soul at unique way. Massage is a physical technique: she handle the body as the more precious thing of each human being have, and she also use that to work the emotional side. She unlock the tension points for the energy flow again on the body and consequently in your life too. The massage is a meditation: you are invite to focus on each touch and breathe more and more deep.


A certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher and massage therapist, Agni has also completed a year-long course of contact improvisation and many workshops with world-renowned teachers who opened her eyes to other systems of deep body work. Through those experiences, she understood how fundamental physical touch is. This inspired her to create a unique signature ‘Agni Touch’ massage treatments. Through a conscious, warm touch, she talks to the body that trusts her and opens to the strength far greater than herself. She use tantric, soft bioenergetic and Thai massage techniques, combining them into an intuitive wholeness. 

As well as her signature Agni Touch, she will be offering Head release and Back release therapies


My Name is Stefanie, in 2016 I moved to this beautiful magical place in the mountains of South Portugal, Monchique. My passion is to give natural therapy in form of massage and aromatherapy to bring more awareness of the healing process of our body and mind to the people. Based on my herbal study, Ayurveda and many different massage techniques. I combine all my knowledge and empathy to create a special individual therapy experience. Dancing and spiritual practice are part of my life, such as elemental dance, ecstatic dance and meditation. I support women during and after pregnancy and together my my dear sisters we are holding women circles in Monchique. My travels belong to me like my treatments, I work in Germany, England and Portugal. Supporting Yoga retreats, festivals and taking care of my clients in Monchique and the area around.


INTUITIVE THERAPIES: These therapies occurs in  different ways, always according on the feelings  of the moment. The process begins through a physical contact with the client, using various massage techniques. Through the contact is created a deeper connection to be able to feel more easily what the physical, emotional and energetic body of the person wants to communicate. The use of tools such as singing, speech, movement, crystals, shamanic drums and rattles or other instruments like the didgeridoo, allow to catalyze the energy in excess, that should dissolve. At the same time it could help to integrate new fresh energy into the system of the person. The intense movement of healing energy that is generated, allows to dissipate the blocked emotions, to melt the knots of energy and to offer a pleasant sensation of relaxation, lightness and liberation. The vibration of the drum, the rattles, the didgeridoo or the voice itself, becomes a powerful bridge between the physical and the invisible worlds. Through them is possible to channel the intentions and the healing where, and how is needed.


Each treatment becomes a unique experience, created by the alchemy with the client and in resonance with the need of the moment.