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Rooted in the Monchique mountain range, Awakeland Portugal is a meditation retreat centre and reforestation project that believes in a conscious life and auto-responsibility.

An experimental land, inspiring and nurturing inner growth with awareness and authenticity, living in harmony with nature.

A place of magic and transformation. So often people tell us how they immediately feel the energetic vibration of the land, and it’s not surprising since this area was once the home of the Sufis.

Our unique landscape and natural equilibrium is maintained through innovative, non-invasive permaculture and biodynamic practices. We work with the principles of sustainable agriculture, aiming to live as closely to the earth as possible. 

Awakeland was born on a land of ancient rituals, at the foothills of the powerful Monchique Mountains, and with a majestic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Awakeland hosts and organises retreats, festivals and gatherings of dance, tantra, breathwork, shamanism, somatics, yoga and other activities that resonate with our ethos. Profits from events fund our Reforestation Project.

Awakeland Portugal is a meditation, yoga and tantra retreat centre that was born and lives with the intention of collaborating with all who visit it, with desire to create moments to melt in the nature of magic and the power of the teachings of our therapists and facilitators.

We also offer accommodation for self catering holidays or co-living, perfect for working remotely, digital nomads, writers or artists.

Awakeland Portugal’s landscape is unique and its natural equilibrium is maintained and potentiated through innovative, non-invasive permaculture and biodynamic agriculture.  We work with the principles of sustainable agriculture and support local species, aiming to live as closely to the earth as possible.


Nature is our fundamental meditation. Our aim is to leave places better than we found them.

At Awakeland Portugal, in harmony with nature, we root ourselves and manifest our highest being.

We live in a process of constant evolution. In this magical and ancestral space, Awakeland Portugal offers workshops, trainings, retreats and therapies, all with their foundation in self-discovery and personal development.


What we really offer are journeys that invite us to go deeper inside ourselves, in the quest for the true essence of who we are, present in profound contact with the spirit of meditation and consciousness.

Meet The Team

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