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"Meditation is a death – death of all that you are now. Of course there will be a resurrection, but that will be a totally new, fresh original being which you are not even aware is hidden in you."


Do you need time and space for yourself? Do you need to stop, but don’t know how?


At Awakeland Portugal we offer various types of meditation, for beginners or experienced meditators, on a regular basis or sporadically, morning or night.


Meditation is a state of no-mind

During meditation, we are invited, in a conscious way, to observe what is happening in our bodies. To be present with the emotions and feelings, without judging or repressing them... to live the present moment, “the here and now”. Let the thoughts come and go, let emotions flow, without getting attached to anything, or waiting for something to happen, but receiving all that does or does not come.

In our day-to-day life so many things happen, we are solicited in every moment, and we are educated to try and respond to it all, even moments that are invasive and disrespectful to us or others around us. Everything is “as it should be” and not “how you’d like it to be”. With the passing time, we lose even more the notion of our limits and our own space. Everything has to be immediate, and we are made to carry the weight of the guilt of what has already happened; fear begins to gain space and we begin reacting robotically, as we were taught to do.


In our society, the present moment matters very little, or more commonly, not at all. Questioning is a theme prohibited to us, and we often only approach the due questioning in extreme situations or catastrophes; when a disease arises, when our body colapses, when we lose someone beloved to us, enter in states of depression etc...

At Awakeland Portugal we give the possibility, through meditation, to stop, to escape from your daily life and dive deep into your being. 

To do differently NOW.

To hear the silence that echoes inside you underneath that constant noise.

To live the way you feel; that today can be one way and tomorrow another.

To come back home to yourself, give yourself space, even if it is only 30 minutes of meditation.

To truly feel and express your emotions without any judgement in a safe and supported manner.


“Tantra is a millenarian practice that integrates all aspects of life. It is an initiatory wisdom transmitted from teacher to student. 

The base of Tantra is in acceptance of what is. The consciousness of what is. The presence for what is. 

One of the pre concepts of Tantra is that everything is perfect exactly how it is. It is the non-denial of the reality of what is. It is acceptance. 

The other polarity of conformism or immobilism. 

The biggest transformation that can happen is accepting what already is. 

It is getting out of the posture of doing, to want to do, to want to change, for alignment of the being. 

To accept what is."


Tantra is a spiritual path that accepts our body. 


Everything begins in the body. It does not end there, but it starts there. The body is our temple, and in Tantra we celebrate the body. When we observe the religions, the habits practiced in diferente cultures in general, we find some kind of restriction about the body in the expression of its vitality, and we find taboos relating to sexuality.

Our vital energy is sexual energy. In Tantra we believe that its origin lies in the base of the spinal cloumn. 


Tantric practices are used to awaken this energy and channel it through our chakras, or energetic centres.


Sex is an entryway to create profound spiritual experiences, for contact with God and to live in ecstasy. Tantric practices help us to be in sync with our body and its sensual, energetic responses. Tantra teaches us that we can be relaxed in elevated states of arousal.



"Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self"

The Bhagavad Gita

Yoga is one of the most personal, intimate and transforming journeys we can have. 


Starting in the body, which we feel by accepting the challenge that the poses offer us, and then diving into the conscious breath, we discover that the body and mind connection can take us to the dimensions of the Self where we re-discover peace, quietness, balance, wellness and happiness.

If you are interesting to hove a yoga class send a message (telephone, email, facebook) to manifest your intention of joining together with us.​

All is welcome! Each class is a moment of opening and connection with yourself in a safe space of love and expansion.

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