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Host your event, festival, gathering or retreat at Awakeland

Awakeland Portugal is a magical venue, perfect for hosting retreats, gatherings and festivals


Awakeland is a place to breathe, feel and simply be. Our retreat centre is nestled between the Monchique mountains and Algarve sea with 21 hectares of abundant natural surroundings.

We can accommodate groups from 20 - 250 people, 80 in beds and more camping. 

We have 3 equipped group rooms in geodesic domes, with sound systems, microphones, mats, cushions and air conditioning. 

Our highly experienced chef offers 3 vegan meals a day, with tea and coffee throughout the day. 

Our magnificent land and lakes are the perfect remedy to support healing and transformational journeys.

When you choose to host your retreat at Awakeland, you're also choosing to make the world a better place because all our profits go towards our reforestation project. We've planted 21,000+ trees since 2014... and still planting!


Read more about our Accommodation and Group ROOMS and FOOD 

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