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We are temporarily closed, and are not taking volunteers during this period of restoration

This project is designed for tree caretakers and nature lovers who are not afraid of hard work! As we reach the fifth consecutive winter of our reforestation effort, we are now finally entering the last unexplored piece of land in our project, after two years of land preparation - which included landscape intervention to implement a water retention design, the removal of the eucalyptus, and a soil regeneration process through green seeding complemented with the introduction of mycorrhizae.

In exchange for 6 hours of work, 5 days a week, we offer 3 vegan meals a day, and the opportunity to learn about reforestation and land rehabilitation using bio-dynamic and permaculture principles.

From May to October, please bring your own tent. 

We have a group room where we can share meditations, yoga, breathwork etc

Working hours:
9am - 4-4:30pm
11-11:30 - coffee break
1-2pm - lunch
+ regular group cleaning of communal spaces.

What to bring:
Clothes for warm and cold weather
Waterproof clothes for rainy days
Warm bedding, a warm sleeping bag and pillow (nights can be cold in the Monchique area).
Waterproof Boots to work on the land, with firm sole
Tough gardening gloves
Eco body products, eco toothpaste etc...

All these things will make your experience here much more comfortable!

During warmer months, 

Please bring sunblock, hat and mosquito repellent

*Please note*
Our showers and toilets are ecological. The water from the showers goes straight into our land and trees, into the fruits they bear, so please do not use chemical products in the showers or toilets, please bring only eco products.

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