TBC 2022

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Movimento é magia

e o Awake Celebration é a oportunidade de nos libertarmos e expressarmos através do movimento.

Mais uma vez vamos celebrar o movimento nas suas diversas expressões, na 4ª edição do Awake Celebration, a maior celebração consciente de movimento em Portugal!  


O movimento é a essência da natureza e sempre foi celebrado por todas as culturas ao redor do mundo inteiro como ritual e celebração, nas suas mais magníficas e sublimes expressões. Através do movimento, conectamo-nos com a nossa alma para que ela se possa expressar de forma livre e sem condicionamentos. Junta-te a nós nestes quatro dias mágicos repletos de diferentes estilos de movimento corporal. Alguns dos estilos que vamos ter oportunidade de explorar e experienciar são Biodanza, Trance, 5 Ritmos, Ecstatic... e mais algumas surpresas.  


Vamos todos conectar-nos através do movimento, cantar, relaxar e partilhar o mesmo amor e paixão! 


Movement is medicine 

Awake Celebration - a gathering to rejuvenate ourselves through movement.

Movement leads us to a deeper connection to our intuition and inspiration. It connects us to our bodies, hearts, mind. It also connects us to each other. We move for fun, for love, for change, to heal, for life and for the love of music. Join us this September for a four days event of healing workshops.


Attend and participate in workshops  with 9 styles of healing awake movement. We have Biodanza, Trance , 5 Rhythms, as well as Ecstatic... and a few other surprises.

During the gathering you will also find yoga and meditation workshops, as well as sharing circles and our delicious, healthy vegetarian food.


This healing festival is held in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe, the natural beauty of Awakeland Portugal.


After moving all day, you'll need to rest. We have several types of comfortable accommodations to suit your needs.  

You can choose what suits your accommodation needs best: in nature with glamping tents camping, or inside with a double or triple room.
See "accommodation options" below.

At the end of this healing Awake Celebration, we will be planting trees for our reforestation project as we have done in the past,

* Not included in the price: transportation, treatments 


Come join us as we move for the trees. Next summer, spend four unforgettable days at our European movement festival. 

This healing Awake Celebration will change your life!

Workshops: TBC


Car parking tickets are €15 for the duration of the gathering due to limited space. Please try lift sharing as much as possible. 

Electric cars come free! is great to find/share lifts 


Or call us +351 910 663 336



First Class Dance Teachers to be announced!


glamping Awake Dance Celebration


Camp in style in one of our Bell Tents or Tipis.

Bell tents have 2 single beds in each and Tipis have a double bed.


All glamping tents have proper beds, bedding and a shower towel per person.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

camping Awake Dance Celebration


Bring your own camping equipment and create your own space in our Yoni village, or amongst the trees.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Aµwake Dance Celebration triple room

Triple Room

Eco upcycled marine containers converted into rooms. All have bedding and a shower towel per person and ac.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

dormitory Awake Dance Celebration

Dome Dormitory 

Shared accommodation in our Nomad House Dormitory. This option is perfect for those on a budget but not wishing to bring their own camping equipment, you will need to bring your own bedding and towels though!

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

room Awake Dance Celebration

Double Room

Eco upcycled marine containers converted into rooms. All have bedding and a shower towel per person and a air con. This option is best for 2 people booking together.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.


Camper Van / RV

You're most welcome to bring your own home on wheels, but space is limited. 

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

van Awake Dance Celebration

3 delicious meals freshly prepared just for you every day!

Awake Dance Celebration food


When we move, we give it all we've got, that's why replenishing our beloved bodies is so important.

The Awakeland kitchen angels will take care of all your nutritional needs by freshly preparing 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Meals are served buffet style on the terrace of the main house, overlooking the valley.

No need to be concerned about anything else but  moving your body!