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Rain and view of workshop Dome, hills and lake at Awakeland

a place to breathe, to feel and simply be

"Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized"
~ Osho ~

Awakeland Portugal is a reforestation project and conscious event venue, located at the foothills of the Monchique mountains, between the mountains and the sea. Awakeland Portugal is one of Europe's most peaceful retreat centres to meditate in nature.


We also offer eco accommodation for long or short term stays, perfect for a holiday or co-living and working remotely as a digital nomad. Set in a calm environment where you can have the opportunity to go deeper inside yourself, closer to your true essence, being present, tapping into the spirit of meditation, therapy and self-discovery through tantra, yoga, shamanism and other healing modalities. 


We host workshops, festivals, gatherings, retreats and therapies to facilitate personal transformation.

Awakeland Portugal does not follow any religion, doctrine or belief, rather practices a way of life based on conscious living.

Our Events are On Hold


Earth day is every day!

In honour of EARTH DAY, 22nd April 2023, we’re announcing that this year will be dedicated to the EARTH. Here on our beautiful piece of land, we will be focusing all of our resources to her, to the land, lakes and trees.  🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳


We are beyond grateful for all the wonderful workers and volunteers, exceptional teachers, musicians, and amazing participants, who contributed in making the last few years of events to be FULL OF LOVE and MAGIC. 💫


We thank you! 🙏


In 2022 we had our biggest programme of events ever and began the year with our largest plantation of trees ever, which are growing very well, we're proud to say!

We implemented a variety of successful soil regeneration techniques as well as increased our newly-planted-tree survival rate, regardless of the regional water shortage challenges.


So 2022 was a big year for us! Now the land is recovering, and we've been planting more trees, and praying for more rain.


This year, 2023, our priority is to replenish our water levels, regenerate the soil and nurture our tree plantation, therefore we are temporarily closed to focus on this.

More rain doesn’t look likely this year, and since our lakes aren’t as full as we’d like them, we’ll reserve that water for our trees. 💦💦


Our programme of events is on hold, as is taking bookings and accepting volunteers.


Thank you to all the beautiful souls who shared their light with us!


In Gratitude


Tropical Leaves


Clarity, USA

Awakeland is a gorgeous land filled with life of earth, deep connection and a perfect nighttime sky. Beds are comfortable and food is yummy. Thank you Awakeland for a beautiful time


João, Portugal

So much love

So much connection

Just being grounded

So many similarities between people

Loved it last year

Loved it this year


Sophia, Brazil

A calm place to discover yourself and to enjoy the wonder of just being, while helping to develop an interesting restoration project.

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