YOGA AND QI DANCE RETREAT - from Silence to Co-creation

4 - 6 Sep 2017, with Oberom and Pedro Paz and soundscape by Nuno Pereira

It is with great joy that Portugal ​once more ​hosts​ ​our​ beloved Oberom during ​his​ next​ tour​ ​through​ Europe.
This time ​he ​invites Pedro Paz ​for, ​together​, offer​ an experience of bridges between the practices of Yoga and Chi Kung.

​Oberom, ​by​ the wisdom of Yoga (Unite ...), inspires us to awaken our natural connection with the breath and wi​​th our own body, through the practice of asanas, meditation and the principle of Satchitananda - Truth, Consciousness And Bliss. 

Pedro Paz, with his Taoist inspiration, invites us to interact with ourselves and with others through dance​​d dynamics and energetic arts of movement, known as Reconnect Dance and inspired by Chi Kung (Energetic Practice). 

...creating bridges from the Heart, integrating dis​​cipline and spontaneity, precision and fluidity, self-control and ecstasy, posture and gesture, silence and sharing ... uniting what 'seams' to be separated. 



​It will be a two days and two nights gathering (48h​)​ of connection with yourself and the group, through mindful experiences, practices, lectures and meditations, sharing circles and 'sacred chants' (of various traditions) sung by all.

All this in the ​Awakeland​ - in the heart of the Serra de Monchique, Algarve (Portugal) - where we have a large 'dome' for the practices and a fresh lake to bathe, surrounded by nature where to walk and surrender to moments of deep relaxation and communion... 

​during the day, nourished by the delicious vegan recipes of our dear Paula Silva!


((( for all our relationships )))​


Sublime experience, of pure and infinite consciousness that leads us to the glimpse of ultimate reality.
Satchitananda means "truth, consciousness, ecstasy." It is a description of the subjective experience of Brahman (the Absolute).
According to the scriptures, although the soul is incarnated in Maya ("illusion") and sub​mited to space, matter and time, it maintains a continuous singularity with Satchitananda.
This state of simplicity of Being and full happiness can be invoked through self-knowledge and yoga practices.


"I touch Heaven and I root myself in the Earth
The Body Expands and the Spirit Calms
Respect the All with Inner Serenity
Light Heart and Humble Attitude
Free of Thoughts, ​the ​Mind Flies in​ the​ Blue
​Return​ and ​L​and on Me
What a ​S​upreme ​G​ood
I surrender ... "

Poem by Pang He Ming, China



> Monday, 4 Sep
3​ pm - arrival of participants and ​'check in'
4 pm - snack
5​ to ​6​​:​30​pm​ ​ ​- ​e​nerg​etical​ ​p​ractices ​with Pedro Paz
7​ pm - dinner
​8​ to ​9:30​pm ​ ​- lecture "The maintenance of Happiness" by Oberom

> Tuesday, 5 Sep
6 a​m - meditation
​​7 to 8​:30​​ ​am ​​- practice of self-perception through Yoga ​with Oberom
9​ ​am​ - b​reakfast
10 to 12​a​m ​​- Qi Dance ​with Pedro Paz
12​ to 1​ pm​ ​​- free time​ in nature​

1 pm - ​lunch
​2 ​to 4​ ​pm​ ​​​ - "Satchitananda - Truth, Consciousness, Bliss" lecture by Oberom
4 pm - snack
4:30 ​to ​6 pm​ - Reconnect Dance by Pedro Paz
​6 to ​7 pm - ​free time​
7​ pm​ - dinner
​8 to 9 pm - Sacred Songs ​Circle with everyone 

> Wednesday, 6 Sep
​6 a​m - meditation​
​​7 to 8​:30​​ ​am ​​- practice of Zhineng Qigong ​with Pedro Paz
​9 am - ​breakfast
10​ to 1 pm - lecture "The foundations of Yoga in ​the ​planetary transformation" by Oberom
​1:30 pm - lunch
3​ ​to 4 pm ​- ​closing ceremony


*** NOTE !! ***
~ All levels of practitioners are welcome!
~ All meals are vegan.
~ Book in time, places are limited.
~ There are payment facilities, each case is a case.
~ There is the possibility of participating in only part of the retreat.


The prices are per person and include the 2-day event (48h), in one of the most beautiful retreat spaces in the country, in several possible accommodation models and with 8 meals included.

The prices are accessible to enable the participation of all.
For this, additional contributions are welcome.

in a single room - € 260
in a double room with single beds - € 230
in double room with double bed - € 220
in triple room with 3 single beds - € 210
in dormitory (bunk beds) - € 200
on camping - € 190 €

​~ Extras ~
Bed linen (2 sheets + pillowcase) - 8 €
Duvet - 6 €
Towel - € 2

Until August 20 it's less 20%

in a single room - € 210
in a double room with single beds - € 185
in double room with double bed - € 175
in triple room with 3 single beds - € 170
in dormitory (bunk beds) - € 160
on camping - € 150​

Yoga, Chi Dance and other Awakening Dynamics by a lake on Mediterranean Lands



He is a Yoga teacher accredited by the Yoga Alliance, graduated in Brazil and the PVA School of Yoga in India. Initiated by Swami Prakashamayananda, Sri Lanka. It facilitates the '21-day Process' related to Pranic Awareness. Transmits this wisdom and experience throughout the world through workshops in the Americas, Europe and Asia. He is also the author of the books 'Traveling in the Light', 'In Flowing Happiness' and 'Vegan Yoga'.

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Dancer and a dance teacher, he is trained by the National Conservatory. As a collaborator of the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Lisbon), he facilitates Energy and Creative Practices to the students of the course. Apprentice of West and Eastern traditions of ascesis, he discovers that the dancing body, reconnected with Nature and the Spirit that animates it, is simultaneously key and living door to the awakening of Being.


A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer and practitioner of active meditations, it is on the street that he chooses to exchange his most inspiring experiences with musicians from various corners of the world. By accompanying sessions of meditative dynamics, from yoga to trance dance, he 'reminds' that music and arts, tuned with the high frequencies of human sensibility, play a fundamental role in the rise of consciousness.