5 - 7 May 2017, with Shashi Solluna

We are raised to believe that our sexuality is a cultural phenomenon...we model it on archetypes such as the virgin, the whore, the mother and so on. But the Taoist Tantric Arts show us an even more powerful way to reawaken our sexual nature.

Mother Nature contains all the energy that can activate our sexuality in each chakra. Once each element is awakened we develop a living, spontaneous, authentic expression of sexuality and a free flow of sexual energy throughout the body. These practices help us to become multiorgasmic, vibrating with all of life and merging with the universe.

- have you ever felt a desire to crack open your sexuality and free yourself from limitations and blockages?

- would you like to expand your orgasmic potential?

- would you like to access more life force energy and creative power?

- have you wanted to heal old traumas and let energy flow once more?

Come immerse yourself in sisterhood, set in a stunning natural setting to reawaken the Shakti life force within you.


Taoism and Tantra are spiritual paths that say yes to life. Rather than following an ascetic path to awakening (giving up the worldly life and thus reducing desire), these paths find awakening through living. Thus they embrace all aspects of life, including sexuality and love. This is the path of Divine Desire, using passion as a launch pad to spiritual awakening.


“The Taoist attitude is to go with life- to go all the way, without any conditions. Wherever life leads, go with it. You come from life, you are part of life, so how could life harm you? There is no need to be afraid.”   - OSHO

Workshop beginning on Friday, May 5th at the end of the day (18:30) and ends on the afternoon of Sunday May 7th (18:00).


180€ (accommodation and meals NOT INCLUDED)*

* at Awakeland Portugal we offer different possibilities of accommodation ... see below what fits you best (the prices shown below are for accommodation and meals per person and for the complete duration of the retreat):

Single room – 160€/pax  (price includes 3 meals, bedding and a towel)

Double room with single beds – 130€/pax  (price includes 3 meals, bedding and a towel)

Double room with double bed – 120€/pax  (price includes 3 meals, bedding and a towel)

Double room on TIPI with double bed – 110€/pax  (price includes 3 meals, bedding and a towel)

Triple room with single beds – 100€/pax  (price includes 3 meals, bedding and a towel)

Dormitory room (bunk beds) – 80/pax  ((price includes 3 meals, bedding and a towel)

Camping – 60€/pax  (price includes 3 meals and camping spot - participant must bring their own tent, bedding and towel)

If you feel any sense of conflict or contradiction in your life,

then these pathways may be for you...



Shashi Solluna is the author of "Tantra discover the path from sex to spirit" published by Hay House. She has been teaching for over a decade, facilitates teacher trainings and is part of a team creating international tantra festivals. She has been a professional in the field of Tantra for 15 years. Trained in the lineages of Taoist Sexual Arts (Mantak Chia), Classical Tantra (Agama Yoga) and Neo Tantra (Osho), Shashi weaves these lineages together into her foundation of a degree from Oxford University in Experimental Psychology.

In her classes, Shashi combines solo practices (yoga and sexual energy qigong) with partner work and group work. Workshops are a journey including: dance, movement, therapy, meditation, touch, breathwork and ritual. The essence of Shashi's workshops is working with tantric energy. Learning to bring deep presence to energy; that energy may awaken in response to a loving space. Learn how to awaken energy, raise it throughout the body, activate the energy body and integrate the new energy into your life.



* Degree in Experimental Psychology Oxford University

* Trained in Zen Couselling and Relationship Dynamics at Osho Centre, Pune.

* Trained in Taoist Arts with Mantak Chia (Universal healing Tao) plus year-long residential apprentiship with Master Chia. Also co-authored a book with Mantak Chia.

* Trained in Agama Yoga as a Tantra Instructor with Swami Vivekananda. Ongoing yoga practice and studies in this school.

* Studied Tantra Massage/Bodywork with: John Hawken/ Daniel Odier/ Mahasaatva Ananda Sarita/ Layla Martin

* Tantric Massage methods used: Tao Tantric Massage/ Kashmiri Shaivism Massage/ Erogenous Zone Massage/ Five Element Massage/ Energy Body Activation Massage/ Tandava Massage