24 - 26 Jul 2017, with Satyama Lasby

On Tantric Massage Training, you will learning to give professional yoni massage (open to men and women to learn). With a combination of lomi-lomi (Hawaiian), Chi Nei Tsang (abdomen), Karsai Nei Tsang (genital) and yoni massage for both healing and pleasure, learn how to generate, move and harness energy from the genitals to nourish the rest of the body, overcome fear and trauma, and move in to a space of opening into love.

In addition, learn:

- teachings of pressure points to build trust and induce sexual opening;

- appropriate timing of the massage on the body;

- communication techniques to use in opening and giving yoni massage;

- multi-orgasmic response and wave-riding, breaks and intuition;

- chi nei tsang (abdominal work) and karsai nei tsang (genital) Taoist massage anatomy and technique;

- how to move a woman from desire-based clitoral orgasm dependence to deeper centres of pleasure, cervical and g-spot orgasmic possibility.

The workshop beginning on Monday, July, 24th in morning (9:00) and ends on the afternoon of Wednesday July, 23rd (18:00).

Because it beginning on morning early, we invite you arrive Sunday for dinner at 19:00 (already included on accommodation price).


250€ (accommodation and meals NOT INCLUDED)*

* at Awake we offer different possibilities of accommodation ... see below what fits you best (the prices shown below are for accommodation and meals per person and for the complete duration of the retreat):

Single room – 240€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Double room with single beds – 195€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Double room with double bed – 180€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Double room on TIPI with double bed – 165€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Triple room with single beds – 150€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Dormitory room (bunk beds) – 120€/pax  ((price includes 3 meals)

Camping – 90€/pax  (price includes 3 meals and camping spot - participant must bring their own tent, bedding and towel)



(accommodation and meals NOT INCLUDED)*

just for reservation made before June 20th

Open to men and women to learn yoni massage.

Unveil the innate sexual potential and freedom within all women...



Satyama Lasby is a disciple of Osho Rajneesh having lived and worked in the Osho International Centre for Meditation in India in 2009. She is trained in the discipline of yoga since 2002 and tantra since 2005, studying under the influences of IYT, Sivanada, Agama (India) Margot Anand, and the Tao tantric practices of Mantak Chia and Neo-tantra worldwide.

Those who have experienced her work have praised the exploration of the potentiality of relationship, intimacy and understanding of co-dependency. She facilitates non-judgemental human experiences in tantra and meditation out of the wish to share her interest in growing through our interconnectivity as humans. Her work moves participants into living a more present and open life, with the pleasure of having a body. The various techniques and healing methods that she works with supports participants in their processes in “tantric community evolution.” Both her tantric and yoga teaching strives to maintain authenticity and classical framework in its nature.

She is trained in several types of massage therapy, including Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Chakra balancing, Chi Nei Tsang and Tantra massage. She is a trainer in the Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage) technique as a way of releasing tension in the belly, overcoming headache, digestive, menstrual and fertility issues. This work lays the foundation for Karsai Nei Tsang (genital) purification and healing work, often renowned by tantrics as the beginning point of experiencing true freedom, pleasure and bliss.

Satyama is an internationally experienced tantra, meditation and yoga teacher with yoga and massage trainings presented in Thailand, Bali, India, Europe and Canada. Experienced and certified in Hatha, Vinyasa and Integrative Yoga Therapy, she has taught over 1,000 students to be yoga teachers in trainings in the hatha/vinyasa and tantric styles of yoga, which is currently evolving as moments occur and consciousness rises.