MITAKUYE OYASIN - for all our relations

18 - 22 Oct 2017, with Carlos Solrac


We know this gathering is only 5 days long, so let’s use them like they’re the only ones we’ll ever have. We will go about it in a most sacred way, and for that we need all your attention, focus and presence.

Since the moment we are born, our attention becomes deviated and we become programmed to be consumers: consumers of the world and ourselves. Through the years, social conditioning continues to reinforce the collective sleep state that we call normality; reducing our potential to live fully as Humans to a pale imitation of life. Caught in the claws of syntax that formats our perception; entertained by the mazes of our personal importance and disconnected from our body, our feelings and desires; we become easy prey for manipulation on all levels of our existence. We have forgotten our original instructions. But buried under the rubble of modernity, postmodernity and post truth, the seed is still there, guarded in the depths of being.

The proposal of these days is allow the light, heat and water to hydrate and nourish this seed and so that it blooms OUR OWN FACE AND TRUE HEART. Remembering with all our memories that we are all part of a living whole, conscious, nurturing and loving in movement. And thus, in our daily life take responsibility for the naturality of the supreme purpose to care for the space where life happens, to maintain creative relationships, with reconciliation, harmony, peace and dignity, with everything and everyone. Look at them not as simple subjects, but as carriers of universal creative force essence. Look at those, not as a god or religious entity, but like a physical cosmic force, real and determined.



We will share an opening, new and ancestral possibilities of creation, expression and communication. We will work to rescue the organic capacity to stand in front of each other in good faith, with the intention to serenely flow with what is here and now. Abandoning the biographical inventory in which we are "battleships", to get in contact with our organism, the Elements, Nature, with all others and with the Great Mystery. And, from there try to restore the channels that emotional past, social conditioning and fear has interfered with. We will “shake”, dance, sing and shape roots and wings to spirit. We will share Wakan Temazcal ceremonies: beautiful, powerful and unforgettable. 



Through a series of acts and exercises stemming from ancestral knowledge and contemporary artistic and therapeutic disciplines:

  * you will have the opportunity the heard the sound of silence, to expand your consciousness and, who knows, free yourself from some old habits and beliefs that obstruct your path;

  * you will have space to express out the deepest and most honest aspects of yourself;

  * you will be provoked and compassionately supported to feel the music, the movement and beating of the drums;

  * you will be blessed by the medicine power of water, fire, wind and Mother Earth.

  * you will be surprised by yourself.


For those who will participate: in each ceremony and workshop, we are accomplices of the same adventure, of recognizing our workspace like a sacred space where competition, judgment and complaint are discarded. Where the only commitment is to surrender ourselves seriously and in presence to the development of our work, with the proposal of clearing our relation with life, with the Great Mystery and with all sources of creativity, poetry and health.


The gathering includes one day of total fasting in nature.


To make the most of your experience, there are some game rules:

  * all activities and exercises are mandatory;

  * no books, newspapers, radio, TV, phones or internet;

With exception to a case of a greater force, it’s great during the gathering to interrupt your contacts with the usual social world. We advise participants to organize and inform family and friends in advance.

The workshop beginning on Wednesday, October, 18th on the end of day (19:00) and ends on the afternoon of Sunday October, 22nd (18:00).


240€ (accommodation and meals NOT INCLUDED)*

* at Awakeland Portugal we offer different possibilities of accommodation ... see below what fits you best (the prices shown below are for accommodation and meals per person and for the complete duration of the retreat):

Single room – 320€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Double room with single beds – 260€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Double room with double bed – 240€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Double room on TIPI with double bed – 220€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Triple room with single beds – 200€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Dormitory room (bunk beds) – 160€/pax  ((price includes 3 meals)

Camping – 120€/pax  (price includes 3 meals and camping spot - participant must bring their own tent, bedding and towel)

You are part of a living whole, you are a conscious and moving lover.

Come feed and nourish this seed ...



Carlos studied Psychology in Argentina, where he was born, and he was militant against the dictatorship lived in Argentina during the 70’s. In 1981, he arrived to Europe as a political refugee and he dedicated his time to arts. He studied music, singing, theatre, and dance in different European schools.

In the middle of the 90’s, he began to receive instructions from spiritual leaders of American tradition of Red Road. He was an intermediate in the Journeys of Peace and Dignity 2000 from the Ushuaia to Teotihuacan – Mexico. This was a run around all American continents in manifestation for Union Prophecy of the Eagles and Condors spirits. He prays for the Earth, the water, the future generations and for all original knowledge between Ushuaia until Alaska.

In the last 30 years he is searching for the know-how of our American ancestors, which are The Red Road and the Path with Heart. He is a seeker and a sun dancer; he makes The Red Road, Itzachilatlan Sacred Fire easier. He has received blessing, draws and instructions to guide de Temaszcal Ceremonies and Medicine circles. Not only he creates and designs events he also performances in Nature where there is no limit between art, ritual and therapy.

In 2010 he was invited to do the Temazcales and to both de opening and closing ceremonies in the Boom Festival in Portugal. He was pioneer of the 5 rhythms and static dance in Barcelona (BNC 2003), and creator of Evolutionary Dance.


Now his time is divided between Europe and South America.



* The Path with Heart

* Senkawa

* Real iz Arte

* SoulandArt

* Evolutionary Dance – Mind Free Dance – Discotheque of conscience

* HeArt – Circle of Men

* Pulse, Rhythm and Consciousness

* Men MATCH Women

* Creative Link Therapy


Carlos Solrac invites us to: transcending the existence of personal history and recognize with all our memories that we are part of one all conscious, sensitive, nutritious and lover, in moving. We are sons and daughters of the same Sun and Earth, Beings of light and darkness, God particles, artists of ourselves.