18 - 24 August 2018, with Elaine Young

The invitation

Inviting you to a 7-day Somatic to Tantric & Shamanic Body initiation through Pleasure.

This week long journey is an experiential intensive, a place to really learn and practice how to open, connect with, master, and free pleasure in your body. We work with an 8-level pleasure model all the way from womb to sexual and spiritual bliss. Journeying through pleasure portals of the emotional, mental and elemental play aspects of the pleasure capacity of the human form and soul. A multi-level multi-system approach that works with the mind, body, soul, heart, emotional body, and inner child to reset your being and your neurology for safety, receptivity, permission, trust, healthy bonding and attachment, energetic capacity, and pleasure capacity.

Book and register by paying a deposit of 350 Euros to secure your place here. Pay the rest of the investment before June 1, 2018 –



Why should I attend and what will I gain?

- At the end of this week your relationship to your pleasure and your capacity to experience pleasure will be formed, reformed or reconnected.

- The week will take you to meet your current pleasure limit or pleasure ceiling. It will then support you to expand your capacity to hold and experience pleasure in all its forms.

- You will have the new experience of holding pleasure at a heightened state for a prolonged experience of time and you will know how to effectively reconnect to pleasure when you move away from it, when something external in life takes you out of it, when you forget, shut down or feel fear.

- You will then take this new reality back into your everyday life. You will have gained a deep reference point in your being and body as to what pleasure is for you.

- You will understand and appreciate how crucial this is to your well-being and therefore you will give it attention and priority.

- You will be confident in understanding and speaking out your boundaries and therefore you will be more willing to allow it.

- You will have learned a number of techniques and skills to masterfully reconnect yourself to pleasure whenever you choose to.



Is this simply a week of pleasure & fun?

Sure – this week will offer you the opportunity to have fun and pleasure, but the purpose of this week is much deeper and more powerful than that alone.



What experience are we offering you?

This retreat is an opportunity to immerse yourself in, to be held and guided in a strong safe container for 7 days.

This container will move you through the many different forms and intensities of pleasure so that your mind, body and soul can reset, rewire, learn or re learn what pleasure is for you and how it feels.

In the process your relationship to pleasure will be changed, reset and will have expanded on a neurological, cellular, somatic and mind level.

You will have increased and heightened your pleasure limit or pleasure ceiling.



Why Pleasure?

Certain things in life are really important to our quality of life and our physical and emotional well-being. Our nutrition, our physical fitness and our ability to experience, feel and receive pleasure are all essential nurturing aspects of living life as a human being.


Pleasure can be gained from our intimate and casual relationships with others, our work, food, sports, hobbies, passions in life, dancing, music, singing, touch, sexuality and relaxation. Pleasure keeps us engaged in life, it keeps us young and healthy and it changes the state of our mental and physical well-being. Pleasure floods our systems with happy and healing hormones and other substances. Pleasure is medicine for the body, mind and soul.


Why this Retreat?

If you want to explore your relationship to food and nutrition you may choose to go on a healthy eating or detox retreat or you may explore fasting. If you want to improve your physical health you might attend a well-being retreat or a fitness bootcamp. This is week long is the pleasure equivalent your very own ‘Pleasure Bootcamp’ or ‘Pleasure RE-tox Retreat’.



This sounds exciting or scary, or both?

Yes, the idea of plentiful pleasure is both exciting and scary for many of us. Our fears and desires in life are so closely related and interlinked that we often desire what we fear and fear what we desire. So yes, it can bring up fear and doubt to of step forward and commit to really allowing and exploring your own pleasure. It can also bring up feelings or thoughts of shame, guilt, selfishness and unworthiness. It can feel scary to take full responsibility for our own pleasure.


We understand that to feel this fear and excitement in around pleasure is ‘normal’ for many of us and we are able to offer you full support as and when you may need it. If difficulties arise for you we invite this as a part of the process and both of us have the skills and knowledge to coach and hold you in a way that allows you to move forward at your own pace. We commit to holding you with love, admiration for your courage and compassion for all of our humanness


So whether this scares or excites you, this week is for you.


Why do I need to learn how to feel pleasure. Shouldn’t that come naturally to me?


Amazingly in life, most if not all, of us are born with a wonderful natural sense of innocence and pleasure. For many of us sadly the experiences we have in life move us away from pleasure.


We may judge it as wrong, we are afraid of it, others judge or disapprove when we express pleasure, my church, family or culture tells me its wrong, we are punished for feeling pleasure, because of particular life experiences we sometimes are dramatically disconnected from or forget/block out how to feel pleasure. For all or any of these reasons we move away from pleasure, choose not to allow it or disconnect from it. We therefore need to learn or relearn how to allow, invite and welcome pleasure back into our life.



Who is the week long suitable for?

* You find it difficult or impossible to experience pleasure with some external stimulus, another person, toys, imagery.

* You have a desire for more pleasure in your life.

* Your life may be good, great even, but you are missing pleasure in certain parts of your life, for example your mind may be a place that has plenty of pleasure but you may be lacking it in your body or vice versa.

* You are aware of addictive patterns around how you experience pleasure.

* You have a knowing that you do not allow yourself to experience pleasure.

* You have a knowing that there is more pleasure possible .

* You have a good level of pleasure but you want to experience the maximum pleasure possible for yourself in this life, in this body.

* You are afraid of pleasure or you feel guilty about experiencing pleasure.

* You are great at giving pleasure to others but struggle to allow yourself to receive pleasure.

* You are a curious adventurer.

* You have always put the needs of others above your own needs.

* You have healed and moved on from many of your life challenges, you are no longer in pain or suffering but you are still a long way away from pleasure.

* You are trapped in pain and suffering and learning to experience pleasure could be very healing for you.

* You LOVE newer, different subtleties of pleasure.


Is this week for singles or couples?

This week is suitable for singles, couples including those of all genders and all sexual orientations. Couples if you wish to attend you can work with your partner only or choose to work with others. This is great container for couples to regain the relationship with pleasure as individuals and as part of your relationship. You can choose not to interact with others at all.


What will we do?

We will have group sessions during the day and sometimes in the evenings. We will take this journey with pleasure using a different number of exercises, rituals and meditations based on some modern day specialities like sexological bodywork, conscious communication and consent and we will dive into a number of ancient wise temple arts including Tantra, Meditation and Shamanism.


Techniques & Rituals?

Core Erotic Theme Analysis

Sensate Focussing

Shamanic Breathwork Journeying

Sexual Styles, Fantasy Signatures & Pleasure Mapping

Body Energy Orgasm

Orgasmic Yoga

Shadow Exploration

Healthy Relationship Modeling (exploring attachment, longing & neediness)

Will there be opportunity to interact with others?

This week will other valuable opportunities to learn from and interact with others in the group. However, you do not need to engage with anyone to take part fully and gain the core gifts and learning of this intensive. You are always at choice.


What will I have to do ?

There is nothing you need to do, during this week you will be invited to exercise your self empowerment and sovereignty to the fullest. We will make offerings and invite you to explore, but you will always in at choice. There may be optional nudity at times, but you can choose to remained clothed for the whole week if that is our truth.

What do I need to know?

You do not need any previous experience of similar or related work to attend this retreat. All the information, skills and knowledge you require will be taught during this week. If you have attended other trainings based on meditation, sacred/conscious sexuality, tantra or shamanism this retreat will compliment and work well to build on those skills.


Investment & Registration

The investment below includes tuition, food, and accommodation. Prices in Euros.

Early Bird (8 places) – 1050 Euros

Regular – 1250 Euros


All accommodation is in dorms.


Limited number of Doubles or Triples are available. Surcharge (add-on) for the following accommodation type for the week per person

Triple sharing: 100 Euros

Double sharing : 150 Euros


Book and register by paying a deposit of 350 Euros to secure your place here. Pay the rest of the investment before June 1, 2018 –

For questions, mail Binoy (


Food & Accommodation?

Healthy, nutritious vegeterian food with lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegan options can be made available to support the work that we are doing. Wherever possible, we strive to use the most natural ingredients available, with an emphasis on sustainability, organic produce, and local sourcing.

Refund policy

If for some reason you become unable to attend, an admin fee of 150 E will be withheld and the rest of the *deposit* amount in extenuating circumstances is transferable to another event organized by Elaine or Love Movement Evolution.

No refunds of deposit after July 1, 2018

Arrival & Closing times 

18th August – Arrival time at the venue (check in) – 2 pm.  Opening circle on 18th August – 4 pm

Circle closes on 24th August at 1 pm. Please do not plan to leave the venue before 2:30 pm.

The location for this retreat is AwakeLand in Monchique, Algarve.

This week will offer you the opportunity to have fun and pleasure,

but the purpose of this week is much deeper and more powerful than that alone.




Elaine is a Sexuality, Tantra, Shamanic Breathwork & Bodywork Facilitator and Guide. She facilitates events for ISTA and her own offerings in London and overseas. Elaine has a busy private client practice in London.

Elaine utilises skills from more traditional Tantra, Shamanism, Transformational Somatic Sexological Bodywork and Breathwork. She loves to work with the integration of sexuality & spirituality , the body, the mind and the soul energies. Elaine’s work with clients often begins with reonnecting them to their body and their sexual energy. She longs to support clients to live life as emotionally and sexually expressive beings.


Her work includes sexuality issues, lack of libido, orgasm & self pleasuring, understanding and changing unhealthly sexual /relationship patterning, genital somatic clearing of pain or disconnection, freeing oneself from shame and guilt around sexuality, consent and boundaires, working with the emotional body including childhood wounding, cultural and religious conditioning, grief healing and transformation through shamanic breathwork journeying.