TBC 2021

An invitation to find the union within, the meeting of the 2 polarities of energy which is the life force of every living being.


It is not possible to have a healthy union outside of the body until we have a healthy union inside.


In this course we recognise  the polarities of yin and yang inside of us before we look outside.


During this course you will work on:


-the forgiveness of the polarities inside of us, acknowledging and integrating the shadow aspects, creating a sacred marriage.


-celebrate the union of these energies in their healthy and mature forms inside, only then will the healthy union manifest outside.


-there are no shortcuts with this work that is why you must attend.


-connecting with nature, allowing the wisdom of the land to guide you in creating a healthy mature inner union.


Most training operate with the external unknown of male and female, in this course you will look deep inside to see how we operate with ourselves, then we no longer need to worry about manifesting outside, it will happen naturally.


This is a very good investment, you can spend lots of money on festivals looking for your soul mate or in training looking inside for answers, but until you recognise the polarity inside, there can be no balance or harmony within or without.


Although this is an individual process you will be invited on healing the inner wounds of the collective, forgiving parents, grandparents and ancestors to free yourself from the karmic tie.  As you forgive yourself you forgive the collective.


The goal of this course is to find the balance with these yin and yang energies.  To integrate and celebrate this divine union, that will bring us balance and harmony both within and without our lives.


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Ashik Awake Dance Celebration



Ashik is on the path of the unity.  His meditation practice focuses on the body, it reveals the holiness of everything. He has worked from Primal to Shamanism, Holistic Massage to Emotional Expression, Bioenergetics to Sufism. 

He is a Sannyasin deeply touched by Osho’s Active Meditations and Tantra practice. He is a certified therapist in Tantra, Yoga, Learning Love and Breathwork. 

He is the founder and lives at Awakeland Portugal.

Ashik loves to learn and to teach, and above all to experience. He leads Tantra trainings and seminars around the world. He believes that the great shift is to stop trying to change and accept what is, in sync with Mother Earth and Heart acceptance. 

Ashik’s joy is expressed through gratitude and celebration of life.



Shamim's Spiritual path started with Osho teachings and meditation practices. Being an Osho Certified Active Meditation Facilitator and a Bioenergetics Therapist. Since the beginning of her path Shamim has developed a consistent work with the Sacred Feminine also trained as Moon Mother.


Shamanism is another strong branch of her service tree. She is a Sweat Lodge Keeper and Soul Hunting Healer. She's been working for 15 years with the ancestral teachings of the Amazon and her Sacred Plants. Organizing every year a diet plant in Peru. In the work Shamim shares she integrates different tools to balance and align human beings in the different realms for higher evolution and life propose.


glamping Awake Dance Celebration

Triple Room

Eco upcycled marine containers converted into rooms. All have bedding and a shower towel per person and ac.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.


1 bed in a Triple room = €tbc

Limited single and double options available on request.


Camp in style in one of our Bell Tents or Tipis.

Bell tents have 2 single beds in each and Tipis have a double bed. All glamping tents have proper beds, bedding and a shower towel per person.

Price includes 3 delicious vegan meals a day.


Twin Glamping = €tbc


3 delicious meals freshly prepared just for you every day!



When we dive deep into ourselves, doing and undoing, we give it all we've got, that's why replenishing our beloved bodies is so important.

The Awakeland kitchen angels will take care of all your nutritional needs by freshly preparing 3 delicious vegan meals a day.

Meals are served buffet style on the terrace of the main house, overlooking the valley.

No need to be concerned about anything else but the inner journey!