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Rain and view of workshop Dome, hills and lake at Awakeland

a place to breathe, to feel and simply be

"Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized"
~ Osho ~

Awakeland Portugal is a reforestation project and conscious event venue, located at the foothills of the Monchique mountains, between the mountains and the sea. Awakeland Portugal is one of Europe's most peaceful retreat centres to meditate in nature.


We also offer eco accommodation for long or short term stays, perfect for a holiday or co-living and working remotely as a digital nomad. Set in a calm environment where you can have the opportunity to go deeper inside yourself, closer to your true essence, being present, tapping into the spirit of meditation, therapy and self-discovery through tantra, yoga, shamanism and other healing modalities. 


We host workshops, festivals, gatherings, retreats and therapies to facilitate personal transformation.

Awakeland Portugal does not follow any religion, doctrine or belief, rather practices a way of life based on conscious living.



Tantra Consciousness with Homa & Mukto

11-15 May 2022

We are BEYOND excited to be hosting this event with our most beloved teachers, Homa & Mukto, their work has changed our lives and we're sure they will change yours too

Tantra Consciousness is neither repressive nor indulgent, it will invite you to say yes to life; allowing you to experience the silence of meditation through the pleasure of the senses.



Awake Tantra Camp

27 May - 2 June 2022

The 1st ever Awake Tantra Camp, will be a warm up for the wild summer of love and magic at Awakeland. Come an join us for an experimental week, where we will hold each other as a family in safety and love, while expanding our consciousness. The energy we nurture this week will ripple out from Awakeland, over the globe and into the consciousness of the cosmos.



Portugal Tantra Experience

3-8 June 2022

A gathering of love, intimacy, connection and transformation, diving deep into consciousness using Tantric and shamanic tools and meditations. International Tantra Facilitators , Musicians , DJs and Healing Team.



Awake Dance Celebration

29 June - 3 July 2022

Movement is medicine and Awake Dance Celebration is a gathering of just that: movement, dance, connection. Workshops include Biodanza, 5 Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Trance Dance, Tantra, yoga and more...



The Secrets of Tantric Love with Margot Anand

26 - 31 July 2022

This is an intensive retreat for those who wish to live a full, embodied life of sacred bliss, fulfilment, and unconditional love. Discover how ancient Tantric secrets can help you develop a deeper connection with your partner, awaken your inner lover, and enhance your love life.


Internal Flight - Roots of Ecstasy 22 IG

Internal Flight - Roots of Ecstasy with Zola & Estas Tonne

11-15 August 2022

Two forces of nature unite to guide a once in a lifetime experience in the heart of Portugal. Welcome to join us for a journey beyond time and worlds at Awakeland, surrounded by wilderness, mountains and sea.

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Tantra Essence Teacher Training, with Sarita

26 August - 23 September 2022

Gain a deeply enriching profession and learn a full rainbow of skills for becoming a world class Tantra Teacher, while evolving your consciousness.

Please apply directly with Ma Anand Sarita here and then book your accommodation with us here


Ecstatic Soul Gathering

23 - 27 September 2022

Ecstatic Soul Gathering it’s an event that brings together dance lovers from all over the world, with a spirit of love and awareness, to whom dance is a free form of expression and meditation. 

More info 

Tropical Leaves


Clarity, USA

Awakeland is a gorgeous land filled with life of earth, deep connection and a perfect nighttime sky. Beds are comfortable and food is yummy. Thank you Awakeland for a beautiful time


João, Portugal

So much love

So much connection

Just being grounded

So many similarities between people

Loved it last year

Loved it this year


Sophia, Brazil

A calm place to discover yourself and to enjoy the wonder of just being, while helping to develop an interesting restoration project.

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