CHAKRA FLOWING - a journey through your essence

7-10 Sep 2017, with Dhara and Puja

Being away from daily routine and natural distractions opens the possibility to look inward and to enter in a deep process of transformation. This retreat is a personal adventure shared by a group of people with the same aim. In a safe and non-judgmental environment, we open to explore everything that is inside ourselves.

What is Chakra Flowing?
Chakra Flowing is a deep meditative process of recognizing the energies that reveal our essence. It is a journey through the map of the 7 chakras, our main energy centers which are the different qualities of our nature.


On this inner-journey:

  • We bring back the natural flow of our energy: bringing more vitality, balance and creativity to our daily life experience

  • We expand our awareness and understanding about ourselves

  • We open ourselves to explore through acceptance all of our energies

  • We transcend our limits, rescuing capacities and inner qualities that we have kept repressed (eg. ability to listen to our own body and to heal ourselves, clairvoyance, telepathy, connection, intuition, disinhibition, etc.)


We will dive into the essence of each chakra, through different methods and techniques such as dance, breathing exercises, laughter yoga, gibberish, mantras, guided meditations, sound journey with sacred instruments, and sharings.

The workshop beginning on Thursday, September 7th in morning (9:00) and ends on the afternoon of Sunday September 10th (16:00). How it beginning on Thursday morning early, we invite you arrive Wednesday for dinner at 19:00 (already included on accommodation price).


200€ (accommodation and meals NOT INCLUDED)*

* at Awakeland Portugal we offer different possibilities of accommodation ... see below what fits you best (the prices shown below are for accommodation and meals per person and for the complete duration of the retreat):

Single room – 320€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Double room with single beds – 260€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Double room with double bed – 240€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Double room on TIPI with double bed – 220€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Triple room with single beds – 200€/pax  (price includes 3 meals)

Dormitory room (bunk beds) – 160€/pax  ((price includes 3 meals)

Camping – 120€/pax  (price includes 3 meals and camping spot - participant must bring their own tent, bedding and towel)

YES! You are beautiful, you are perfect, you are loved!

Come find out for yourself... 



“Teacher trainer and a meditation lover, I have dedicated the last few years to the path of meditation and bodywork. Discovering the sacred instruments, the potential of their vibration and sound, has awakened me to a whole new reality. Since then, I have been seeking to share with others those experiences that have been, and still are, so transformative in my own inner-journey.”



* Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

* Sacral Cranial Therapy I & II

* Myofascial Release Therapy

* Arun - Basic and Advanced Conscious Touch  (Osheanic, Brazil)

* Osho Prana Healing I (Osheanic, Brazil)

* Laughter Yoga Leader

* Universe Gong Training

* Singing Bowls ( still graduating )


“My passion has to do with all the experiences that help me to learn more about myself, about the meaning of being a human, about my essence. Blessed for being able to work with my life purpose, my aim is to share methods, techniques and experiences that have been and still are important tools in my personal growth. My vision is to combine therapy and meditation as a way to contribute to the development of a greater collective consciousness and well-being”



* Bachelor and Master in Psychology ( FEP-UCP )

​* Osho Tantra Sexual Deconditioning ( Osho Afroz, Grécia )

* Tantra  ( Osheanic, Brazil )

​* Theta Healing® Instructor  - Basic and Advanced DNA

* Reiki level I

* Emotional Kinesiology ( IPN )

​* Primal - childhood deconditioning ( Osho Miasto, Italy - still graduating )

​* Subtle Body Healing ( Osho Miasto, Itália - still graduating )